Answer the questions below to help you determine which javelin is best for you.

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Custom Decal-We can create a custom decal with your name, school, inspirational quote, etc...

Custom Laser Etching- Your SPEARWERX Javelin head can be laser etched with your custom text!

Unique Serialization- Each javelin is serialized, this allows you to look up javelin history and information on our website, as well as verifying the manufacturing technical specifications.

Protection- SPEARWERX Javelins are shipped in a rugged,reusable, PVC case

New for 2017 RAPTOR GREEN

RAPTOR Green is our new entry-level javelin designed for beginners. RAPTOR green has more flex in the aluminum alloy which maximizes distances for new throwers. RAPTOR Green has all the advanced features and craftsmanship as RAPTOR Orange. The distance rating for RAPTOR Green is up to 50 meters, or 164 feet.



RAPTOR Orange is our mid-level javelin which has a more rigid shaft than RAPTOR Green. This is the ideal javelin for High School, Collegiate, Open and Masters throwers. The distance rating for RAPTOR Orange is up to 60+ meters, or 200+ feet.

All RAPTOR javelins are meticulously balanced and equipped with an optional  rust proof stainless steel point.


SPEARWERX RT - Rubber Tip Javelins are available for those states, clubs, or athletes that prefer the safer rubber tip. SPEARWERX RT javelins come in varying colors and are made from aircraft grade aluminum. The RT javelin is meticulously balanced and weighed to enure optimal flight distances.


SpearWerx is based
in the USA. Our javelins are meticulously balanced and weighed for optimal flight performance. Our javelins are high-end and have been thrown by several championship athletes. Feel free to contact us with any questions.